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How long does it take to get traumatized? A few minutes? A few seconds? The brain can make profound changes very quickly – right?So how long does it take to get untraumatized, to heal? Can the brain make that profound change quickly as well?As it turns out: Yeah, pretty much.EMDR set the standard for efficient, effective trauma therapy (Greenwald et al, 2017), and PC may be even more efficient (Greenwald, McClintock, Jarecki, & Monaco, 2015). Now the Flash technique (Manfield, Lovett, Engel, & Manfield, 2017) is speeding up trauma therapy even more. In some cases, a lot more.FlashFlash…
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  • Report on EMDR's impact on recall of memory details
  • Report of research on which trauma memory to treat first
  • Meta-analysis comparing the efficiency of EMDR to other trauma treatments
  • Report of research on intensive therapy

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