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Maybe this story starts when, at age 11, I tell my uncle that when I grow up, I want to make the world better. He both smiles and scoffs, knowing that I’ll learn the ways of the world and get a regular job like everyone else. I scoff back, because I know I will do it.As a young adult, I was not sure exactly how to do this. I felt that I had missed the boat. All the boats: Freud was long gone, family therapy had been invented, the civil rights movement, feminism, organic farming... Would there be any big/important movement left for me to join?The story picks up in 1992, when I walk away from…
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  • Specialized intensive therapy service for Veterans.
  • Report on EMDR's impact on recall of memory details
  • Report of research on which trauma memory to treat first
  • Meta-analysis comparing the efficiency of EMDR to other trauma treatments

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