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This morning I stopped in the gym to work out for a few minutes on my way to work: a day of teaching trauma therapy. On one of those stepping machines, looked up at the TV to see that the worst mass shooting in recent US history had just happened, at a concert in Las Vegas.And I didn’t want to know anything.Was he (yes I assumed he) Jihadist, or White Supremacist, or out to punish “his” woman and her allies? Had he been abused or bullied as a child? Did he recently lose a job or a loved one? What weapons did he use, how did he get them, and were they legal?By now the details don’t…
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  • Report on EMDR's impact on recall of memory details
  • Report of research on which trauma memory to treat first
  • Meta-analysis comparing the efficiency of EMDR to other trauma treatments
  • Report of research on intensive therapy

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