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So you want to go for it, but you’re not sure how to go about it? Here’s the step by step.
Get ReferralsOne good source of referrals can be people whose opinion you respect, whether that be a friend, clergy, doctor, or someone else. But take the referral with a grain of salt, because:

Not every good therapist is good at trauma therapy. And the person who makes the referral might not know how to tell which therapists are which.
Not every good therapist is good for you.

Another source is listings. For example, you can find a listing of EMDR therapists at the EMDR International…
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  • Specialized intensive therapy service for Veterans.
  • Report on EMDR's impact on recall of memory details
  • Report of research on which trauma memory to treat first
  • Meta-analysis comparing the efficiency of EMDR to other trauma treatments

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