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Becoming a Supervisor or Trainer
With Trauma Institute & Child Trauma Institute

Trauma Institute/Child Trauma Institute (TI & CTI) Supervisors assist in supervising TI & CTI workshop small-group practice sessions, and provide follow-up supervision for workshop participants.

Requirements for Supervisor Candidates

If you are an excellent clinician with a trauma treatment orientation, you may qualify to become a TI & CTI Supervisor. Those who wish to be considered as a TI & CTI Supervisor, for one or more of the TI & CTI training programs, must complete the following, in any order:

  • Attend the training program of interest, e.g., Progressive Counting (PC); EMDR.
  • Attend the 6-day Trainer's Retreat
    (these programs are for anyone eligible to attend; a planned future with TI & CTI is not a requirement).
  • Submit written materials.
  • Be Certified in PC or EMDR (depending on your area of interest) and have -- or be working towards -- Consultant status.

Certain training programs have additional requirements. Completion of these steps does not guarantee acceptance. Individuals may request feedback on their status at any point.

Supervisor Training

Those who are accepted then enter the TI & CTI Supervisor's training program. This involves studying the course(s) more intensively, shadowing a supervisor, and providing supervision under observation. Following observation, there is feedback, more work under observation, etc. When the individual's supervision and basic teaching have been approved, s/he is then a TI & CTI Supervisor.

TI & CTI Supervisors

  • TI & CTI Supervisors are independent professionals who assist in TI & CTI trainings on a contractual basis.
  • Supervisors are listed on the TI & CTI web site, with contact information.
  • Supervisors may also receive referrals from TI & CTI for supervision or consultation of therapists in their area.

TI & CTI Trainers

TI & CTI Trainers are experienced Supervisors who undergo additional training and supervision. This typically involves the trainer creating his/her own speaker notes, reviewing these with Dr. Greenwald or his designee, and then providing videotapes of "practice" (typically with small groups) trainings and receiving feedback until such videos are no longer required. Trainers are also approved Consultants in either EMDR or PC (depending on area of interest). Trainers are independent professionals who may provide TI & CTI trainings on a contractual basis, or who may offer the training programs independently through an affiliate relationship.

For more information, please contact Ricky Greenwald, Psy.D.

TI & CTI reserves the right to modify the above terms at its sole discretion.