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Home Study Programs

CEs available for all programs; EMDRIA CEs available for most programs.
PC credit (towards PC Certification) for some programs.
These programs are co-sponsored by R. Cassidy Seminars.

  • Treating Problem Behaviors. 11 CEs, 10 EMDRIA CEs, PC Credit.
  • Child Trauma Handbook. 18 CEs, 12 EMDRIA CEs, PC Credit.
  • EMDR Within A Phase Model of Trauma-Informed Treatment. 9 CEs, 9 EMDRIA CEs.
  • EMDR In Child & Adolescent Psychotherapy. 7 CEs, 7 EMDRIA CEs.
  • Progressive Counting Within A Phase Model of Trauma-Informed Treatment. 9 CEs, PC Credit.
  • Intensive Trauma-Focused Therapy. 1.5 CEs (pending), 1.5 EMDRIA CEs (pending).
  • The Flash Technique. 1.5 CEs (pending), 1.5 EMDRIA CEs (pending).

The Home Study Program fees are for the exam, CEs, and training materials -- which is a book, for the longer programs. If you already have the book, you can request to not receive it, and get a discount accordingly.

When you register for a Home Study Program, you'll have the option of completing the test questions on line, off line (still checking off your answers on a computer file, which you'll then e-mail in), or on a hard copy (checking off your answers with a pencil, which you'll then s-mail in).

You'll receive credit for the program after you complete the exam with at least 75% correct. If needed, a re-take is free. (An additional re-take would cost $15.)

Our research-supported treatment approach and training programs are user-friendly and apply to real-world clients.

"This program is vastly superior to any other CE course I have taken in my 33 years as a licensed therapist. The description of the step-by-step treatment approach is clear and includes many valuable specific examples. Ricky Greenwald is clearly a most excellent therapist, so well attuned to the [client's] problems... He also has a gift for teaching his well developed and effective treatment." -- participant comment