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Attachment & Dissociation

Attachment and Dissociation Assessment and Treatment: An Introduction to Foundational Skills                    

13 CEs, 12 EMDRIA CEs

The impact of unprocessed childhood trauma/loss, from the perspective of attachment theory and structural dissociation theory, will be explored as a foundation for understanding, assessing, and treating complex trauma.  This workshop will provide tools to both assess and work with attachment trauma and dissociation, as well as offer a structured approach to ensure client readiness and proper preparation for trauma work. Participants will be introduced to using integrative strategies such as attachment resourcing, ego states/parts work and metacognitive/mindful awareness to build affect tolerance for processing trauma and addressing dissociative barriers. Full documentation on the course here.


  • Identify four attachment styles based on modern attachment theory
  • Describe how insecure attachment style can contribute to dissociation
  • Apply 3 effective grounding and soothing tools to manage dissociative symptoms
  • Utilize 2 assessments to determine level of dissociation in a client with complex trauma 
  • Evaluate if your client is ready for trauma processing
  • List three strategies for beginning to address complex trauma with clients 

Instructor: Elizabeth Davis, MS

Who May Attend: This is an advanced workshop for experienced trauma therapists who are already trained in EMDR, PC, or similar.

Time: All listed workshops are 9-5 unless otherwise specified.

Upcoming trainings:

Summer 2021 - Online
July 29-30. All days are 9:00-5:00 unless otherwise specified. Co-sponsored by R. Cassidy Seminars. Instructor: Elizabeth Davis, MS. Price includes CEs.

Attachment & Dissociation (Online) - July 29-30, 2021


Price includes CEs.