Dyadic Resourcing

Dyadic Resourcing:

Preparing for EMDR with Difficult Clients                  

12 CEs (pending), 12 EMDRIA CEs


For EMDR-trained therapists. This workshop introduces Dyadic Resourcing, a resourcing approach designed to facilitate EMDR processing of very early trauma with severely deprived clients, including those with attachment disorders. The goal of this process is to help clients connect affectively to an internal experience of being in a nurturing parent-child relationship. This workshop will address the basic principles and processes central to this form of resourcing, including each of the five steps involved in establishing this resource. The process will be illustrated using clinical videos, resourcing transcripts, and a live demonstration. Links to free additional training resources will be provided.


  • Explain the EMDR Adaptive Information Processing Model, and the role of resources in processing trauma.

  • Describe three generic resources and the EMDR “cognitive interweaves” that elicit them.

  • Explain why cognitive interweaves are often not helpful to clients with attachment disorders.

  • Explain why imaginary resource figures from media are ideal for the most poorly resourced of clients.

  • List eight techniques that can be used to help a client feel more intensely connected to a resource.

  • Describe how an adult resource can be converted to a parent-child dyad.

  • Describe four indications that clients are NOT assuming an outside observer role and are instead overly identifying with their child selves. 

  • List six incremental steps to help a client imagine playing one of the roles in a resource dyad.

Instructor: Philip Manfield, Ph.D., author of the following books:

  • Extending EMDR
  • EMDR Casebook
  • EMDR Up Close: Subleties of Trauma Processing
  • Split Self, Split Object
  • Dyadic Resourcing: Creating a Foundation for Processing Trauma

Who May Attend: This is an advanced workshop for therapists who are already trained in EMDR.

  • April 20-21, 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., Northampton, MA. Co-sponsored by R. Cassidy Seminars. Instructor: Philip Mansfield, Ph.D.

Early bird rate $295 through February 14. Price includes 12 CEs (pending) and 12 EMDRIA CEs.

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