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Trinidad & Tobago training for a multi-country disaster response team, Fall 2012.

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Much of our research, and some of our training, is either pro bono or below cost -- because it's so important to get the work done. Can you help us to get there? To donate a ticket using your air miles, please e-mail our office.

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Donated Items Wish List

(If you're in the Northampton, MA area)

  • vacuum cleaner
  • comfortable "client chair" or love seat
  • wooden desk
  • book shelves

If you have one of these items to offer, please e-mail our office. Your contribution is tax-deductible.

People get hurt. When bad things happen - in the world, in the community, or in the home - people get hurt. The wounds of heart, mind, and spirit can be hidden but long-lasting. For example, trauma-exposed children are at higher risk for becoming depressed, anxious, angry, substance-abusing, criminal, and violent.

We train the healers. Healing is now more possible than ever before, using proven-effective methods that have been developed and refined in recent years. To have the most impact, we teach these methods to those who live and work where the people are -- in New England, across the USA, and around the world. Much of this is done low-fee or no-fee, in order to get the skills into the right hands.

We develop the treatment.  Dr. Greenwald, TI & CTI's director, has been in the forefront of trauma treatment and training for two decades. Dr. Greenwald is the developer of PC, the Fairy Tale Model, and numerous component interventions. He was one of the pioneers in developing EMDR for children, and his EMDR training model has been emulated internationally. His work has been translated into over a dozen languages, and treatment methods he developed have been widely used. TI & CTI continues to conduct research on trauma assessment, treatment, and training, to further improve the quality of services to those in need.

We provide the treatment. People travel from all over to engage in the intensive trauma-focused therapy we offer. And we offer free intensive trauma therapy to victims of crime who live in our Western MA region. The grant that funds this free treatment program only covers 75% of costs, so we need to raise the rest from donations. Every day we are helping people to more effectively care for their families, to return to school or work, to achieve their potential, and to regain hope.