Ricky Greenwald, PsyD, Executive Director, Clinical Director, and Chair of Faculty

Jesse Ladner, JD, Managing Director

Wendy Payson, BA, Director of Marketing and Development

Kym Lasser, LMHC, Director of Program Development; Director of Victims of Crime Program; Therapist

Elizabeth Davis, MS, Director of Buffalo, NY satellite clinic; Therapist

Cynthia Arnold, LPC, Director of Greensboro, NC satellite clinic; Therapist

Genevieve Brackins, PhD, Director, Violence & Abuse Prevention Program

Bambi Rattner, PsyD, Therapist

Rebecca Chapman, PsyD, Therapist

Lindsay Farrar, LMHC, Therapist

Nicole Gamache, MA, VOCA Intake Co-ordinator;Therapist

Karen Steward, Office Manager

Hatty Dawson, IT & Administrative Support