Ricky Greenwald, PsyD, Executive Director, Clinical Director, and Chair of Faculty

Jesse Ladner, JD, Managing Director

Wendy Payson, BA, Marketing and Fundraising

Kym Lasser, MS, Director of Program Development; Director of Victims of Crime Program; Therapist

Elizabeth Davis, MS, Director of Buffalo, NY satellite clinic; Therapist

Cynthia Arnold, LPC, Director of Greensboro, NC satellite clinic; Therapist

Genevieve Brackins, PhD, Director, Violence & Abuse Prevention Program

Bambi Rattner, PsyD, Therapist

Rebecca Chapman, PsyD, Therapist

Nicole Gamache, MA, VOCA Intake Co-ordinator;Therapist

Karen Steward, Office Manager

Hatty Dawson, IT & Administrative Support